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Favicon Generator

Create a range of favicon image files from a single svg input file. In particular, apple touch icons.

Upload Image



Press on an image to download.


How to use the favicon tool

  • Step 1: Upload an SVG image. The image must be square, with equal width and height.
  • Step 2: After uploading the SVG image check the preview and generated Apple-touch-icons.
  • Step 3: Press the Download images button to download the generated favicon files. Press Allow when prompted to dowload multiple files by the browser.

Favicon standards

  • A single SVG file will be used as the primary favicon file.
  • Apple-touch-icons Minimal is based on the Apple TV website (2023).
  • Apple-touch-icons Standard is based on the Google Fonts website (2023).
  • Apple-touch-icons Exhaustive is based on the Apple iCloud website (2023).

More information


  • For privacy, images are not loaded to a server. All conversions are done locally on your device.


  1. Apple: Safari Web Content